Friday, September 16, 2011

~San Diego~

On August 4th we started our new life in San Diego.  What more can you ask for with beautiful weather, the beach and a pool! 

We stayed in Fallbrook, CA on our drive to San Diego, at the hotel Bladen got to... 
pick fresh lemons! 
We were happy and relieved to be to our new home! 
I don't know what we would have done without my parents!  They drove all our stuff down to San Diego and then spent 2 days helping us unpack.  We about killed off my poor dad having him carry furniture and everything else up 2 flights of stairs!  Me and my mom were unpacking, cleaning and decorating fools! 
After a full day of work, we went to Joe's Crab Shack on Pacific Beach.  This was Nate's 1st time there and he was in heaven.  It took him 2 hours to eat his pot (no really a freakin POT) of shrimp and crab!  
My itzy, bitzy, teeny, weeny kitchen
Living room
B's favorite thing to do is make a big as splash as he can at our pool - belly flop and all!
 One of my favorite things about SD is all the exotic flowers everywhere!
We bought B new underwear for school and he was showing me how big they were... "I can't wear them because they cover my button!" 

 Our 1st time to the beach.  B was afraid of crabs :)
San Diego Temple 
Prettiest temple inside and out
My beach boy 
All time favorite thing to do in his spare time is go to the beach and jump waves 
He eventually gets soaking wet!  On this particular day I was laying on the beach watching him play when I saw what I thought was a shark fin in the water and was going to go grab him, but then about 3 dolphins started jumping over the waves.  I didn't think dolphins came that close to the beach. 
My baby boy ready for Kindergarten orientation. 
He's been quite the poser lately! 
Most nights after dinner we head over to Torrey Pines State Beach to listen to the waves and watch the sunset.  Having the beach 3 minutes away is heaven! 
Ready for his 1st day of school 
I held in all my tears until I got home... then I spent most of the morning bawling my eyes out.  It feels like yesterday he was just a baby and now he's off to Kindergarten at 4 years old :( 
His teachers - Mrs. Mullins and Mrs. Barton 

Oh and I am the room mom for his room... haha we will see how that goes!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zerrusen Wedding

On August 13th, I had the opportunity to be a bride's maid in my best friend's wedding.  Not only are Jenna and I very close, but her and Ryan were both my co-workers at McGladrey!  I had only been to San Diego for 7 days before I made the LONG flight back to Champaign for their big day!  I am so happy for these 2 and Miss Kendal!
The Bridal Party at the shower - Jamie, Brooke, Jenna, Jillian and I  
Candy table overlooking the Illini football field - the Zerrusen family are HUGE Illini fans so their reception was held at Memorial Stadium in the Colonnades Club.
Ticket table - all the decorations were made by Jenna/Ryan and their families.  It was so much work but it looked so pretty! 
Card Cake
We got everything set up the night before except for the flowers!
The Bride!
The Maid-of-Honor and the flower girl, Jill and Kendal
Our pretty bouquets!
Bride and Groom! 
The wedding party getting pictures on the field
My other bestie and former McGladrey-ite, Raina, caught the bouquet... or should I say beat up the maid-of-honor for it!  We had a great time dancing for HOURS!
My McGladrey Besties - Cory, Jenna, Raina and I
These 2 were my "sisters" away from home! 

I had such a good time with Jenna and her family during all the wedding activities.  And it was so fun to have all of my McGladrey buddies there... we sure did have fun out on the dance floor.  I don't think I've danced that much since high school!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glad to be Home!

I am happy to report that I got to "live" in Cedar for 3 weeks during our move to San Diego!  Once we arrived in Cedar City, we moved our stuff AGAIN out of the Budget truck and into a BIG trailer of my dad's where it stayed during our stop.  While we were there we:

I guess I should say the Boys... put together B's new trampoline Papa and Nana got him

Visited our cousins from Guatemala 
Brock, Kapri, Bladen, Lily, Trey, Mya and Parker

Spent tons of time helping Nana do yardwork! 

Went up to my Nate's family's mountain house 

The exact spot Nate proposed to me 10 years earlier. 

Shaking his booty 1st thing in the morning.

Making mud pies 
Swimming in the Freezing water at the pipe

Let off fireworks 
Uncle Nick and Leanne bought B a whole backpack full of fireworks

Went to Sand Hollow 

Uncle Nick was nice enough to take us out on his boat.  Bladen LOVED jumping off! 

Jumped on the tramp 
... with Papa in his undies!

Went to the 4th of July Parade 
B loves going to the Parade with the Harris kids... Kapri is Bladen's candy-catching cousin! 
Played laser tag at the park

Went on a full day 4-wheeler ride 
My dad took Bladen and Nate on a full day 4-wheeler ride with the National Park Service.  Nate came back covered in mud as he said he hit ever mud puddle on purpose.  B came back refreshed... he had a long nap in his carseat with Papa holding up his head :)

Went to the Aquatic Center 

Went to the mountain for hobo dinners 

Took the dogs for lots of walks 

Went to Olive Garden and the Little Mermaid in St. G 

We sure did enjoy our time in Cedar City and as always it went by way too fast!